Albert Einstein Academy, AZ will be opening in the Fall of 2024. Join us in creating a "one of a kind" school culture from the very beginning!

Albert Einstein Academy


We Welcome and Encourage Volunteers!

Please review the Albert Einstein Academy, AZ Requirements:

  • All  volunteering opportunities must be scheduled in advance with a classroom teacher or the principal. 
  • Regular volunteers for classrooms and field trips must have a background screening completed, read and sign the Guidelines for Volunteering at Albert Einstein Academy, AZ  Acknowledgement Form and be on the Albert Einstein Academy, AZ approved volunteer list. Background screenings will be completed at a reduced fee for Albert Einstein Academy, AZ parents by Reliable Background Screening.  Be sure to complete the Background screening process early so that you can join in on the exciting events that will be scheduled throughout the year! 
  • If you are volunteering for the first time, allow a little extra time as we will need to verify that you have completed all of the necessary steps to volunteer in our school.  Please be sure to ask any questions that you may have when you sign in at the office and receive your Volunteer Badge.  
  • In order to minimize the interruptions during classroom instruction, please discuss the particulars of a visit with your child’s teacher in advance.  Classroom volunteers should always schedule their times with the teacher prior to coming in to help. 
  • Parents who have a volunteer opportunity scheduled in one area of the school should not attempt to drop in on another classroom. This is disruptive to the instructional process for all students in the room.
  • Please keep in mind that the beginning and closing of the school day is a very busy, teacher intensive preparation time with students and not an appropriate time to converse with your child’s teacher. 
  • Please accept our gratitude for taking an interest in volunteering at Albert Einstein Academy, AZ.