Albert Einstein Academy, AZ will be opening in the Fall of 2024. Join us in creating a "one of a kind" school culture from the very beginning!

Albert Einstein Academy

School Tours, Classroom Volunteering, Lunch Visits, Classroom Observations

Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute §15-184(J), our Governing Board has developed and adopted policies and procedures regarding school campus visits, tours, and observations of classrooms by parents/guardians of enrolled scholars and/or parents/guardians who wish to enroll their child at Albert Einstein Academy, AZ.
School campus visits, tours, and observations should take place during the regular school day. All visitors will be required to submit to all security-related procedures for entry onto the school campus, including presentation of photographic identification. All visitors must leave the school through the school office. Please note that Albert Einstein Academy, AZ will not generally schedule Tours, Visits and Observations during certain portions of the year such as during state testing, during the few of weeks of school, and/or during the last days of the quarter/semester.
All visitors must register in the main office upon arriving and sign out when leaving. Any visitor who fails to comply with school regulations will be asked to leave the school grounds immediately.
The Principal or Designee retains the authority to exercise at his/her discretion at any time to reschedule or terminate a School Tour, Classroom Observation, Lunch Visit, or Volunteering Opportunity.