Albert Einstein Academy, AZ will be opening in the Fall of 2024. Join us in creating a "one of a kind" school culture from the very beginning!

Albert Einstein Academy

Tax Deductible Donations

The AEAZ Rocket Fund

The Albert Einstein Rocket Fund is our annual fundraiser. As a charter school, we receive approximately
$2,000 less per scholar than district public schools. We ask our parents and our local community to partner with us to make up the difference in funding so that we can keep our commitment to low class sizes, hiring and retaining highly qualified teachers and providing our Scholars the very best educational opportunity in AZ!

Throughout the year we will promote the AEAZ Rocket Fund ​through giving challenges. No gift is too small in providing the best possible educational and co-curricular experience for our scholars. Donations to the AEAZ Rocket fund can be deducted on your Federal Taxes, there is no dollar limitation.

Making a donation is easy:

Donate online, keep your receipt and claim your tax deduction when you file your Federal Tax Return. It takes only a few minutes.
Donations to the Rocket Fund will provide:
Hands on STEAM Learning/AZ Science Center
Technology Enhancements
Campus beautification
Classroom updates
Professional Development
Learning Applications
School Celebrations
Supplemental Curriculum
Teacher Incentives

Names of our AEAZ Rocket Fund donors will be listed on our Website unless you request to make a private donation.

Thank you for your generosity!